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Aug 25, 2013 5:00am EDT
the way it used to be was an important step for me. >> myself, i'm 45 years old, and you know, i'm not in the best shape in the world, but one thing, i'm continually trying to get better, and my hair is just one less problem i ever have to think about. >> i feel blessed. i'm not worried about other people passing judgment or wondering what might be wrong with me. i don't second-guess going to the store or going to the movies or going thave a drink. i'm confident. i'm comfortable. >> welcome back. let's get right to the root of the problem-- hair loss and what causes it. now, hair loss affects more than 70 million people in north america today-- 40 million men and 30 million women. that's a lot of people. some people try products that claim to regrow hair only to find out a few hundred dollars later that they didn't work. don't waste your money on unproven remedies. if you care about how you look and you want to get your hair back, take time to listen to world-renowned hair loss expert dr. jon gaffney, medical director of hair club, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and member of
Aug 18, 2013 5:00am EDT
to use a white powder there, it's called diatomaceous earth, d.e. >> diatom-- what? >> diatomaceous earth. you get it in any garden supply, nursery, use food-grade, not pool-grade and it's safe for the children and pets. >> so i can touch this? >> it's harmless. it's got little spicules in there that get into the insect or bug and kill 'em, but it's harmless to humans, kids and pets. >> so it's going to get rid of this icky guy? ooh. >> get rid of him. he's gone. >> o.k. >> this is really great. if you want to get rid of mosquitoes and flies, all you do is take some basil. put some basil in a muslin bag or a cheesecloth bag, hang a couple bags around the house. you will never have a flying insect in your home. it's that easy. now-- >> now, here's the thing, it is so easy. and if you do simply turn the page to the table of contents, all the different bugs, they're all right here. you simply turn the page, find the solution, get rid of the pest. >> by the way, with the basil, if you put a little catnip in there, it'll activate it even more, as long as you don't own a cat. otherwise, it'll d
Aug 18, 2013 9:00am EDT
to that? >> all right, let's spin her back around. >> i'll show you how we're going to use this. and then we're going to let judy do it herself. i'm just going to take this section, i'm going to roll it down. do you notice how i'm touching it? >> can i feel this? >> you can touch it. >> oh, wow, so this is on? >> right. and how about you, judy, how does it feel? >> i feel no heat at all. >> so watch this. >> yeah. >> here we go. when this comes up, see that lift? >> oh, look at that. [audience applauds] >> that's the lift that you get from a blow dryer and a round brush, right? and also, i'm getting some curl like i would get from a curling iron, but i don't have to worry about the crimp. >> so what about that cowlick that she has? >> yeah, she's going to take control. and here's the great thing. when she gets it in that cowlick and gets rid of it, it's going to last all day. >> oh, good. o.k., so we're going to let judy go ahead and finish up her hair because we're confident she can do it, right? >> exactly, and she has no product in her hair. she's just going to use the perfec
Aug 11, 2013 9:00am EDT
. >> a pulmonary report from the -- say the aircraft pilot was not certified to fly, using only onboard instruments. there was no indication the pilot obtained a weather briefing before taking off late last month. that cap rash happened in world pennsylvania. officials with the company that owned the helicopter say they think it was caught in some sort of thunderstorm. the 58-year old bernard kelly and others were all killed in that crash. the pilot's identity is not been released. up, our q and a segment. >> and the first step to financial freedom is paying off your debt. we help you achieve just that. >> we are watching a few showers to our south right now. a few of those could the north through the day. you' >> the time now is 9:11. there is a live look out doors and i see a little blue out there over the city. the clouds are starting to break apart a little bit. you should see a mix of clouds and sun as we get into the afternoon. the day,grey starched it is still rather pray as you head to the south. the pitchers warming up and the mid to upper 70's we are at 78 at the inner harbor, 76 at the a
Aug 25, 2013 9:00am EDT
? >> exactly, and she has no product in her hair. she's just going to use the perfecter only. >> all right, perfect. and now we're moving over to our lovely phyllis. ...phyllis has coarse, thick hair. it's so short, it's difficult to style. can a lot of you relate to having coarse hair, short hair, afraid to use a styling tool because your hair is short, so you don't want to get that hot, hot heat next to your scalp? so maria, how can the perfecter work for her? >> i have it right on her head, i don't have to worry. her hair is short and the reason why you can't use styling tools is because it would burn you. with short hair, if you're looking for a diffent look... do you notice how i'm just rolling it through, starting to get the lift and it's like she would be blow-drying her hair. she's going to roll that through just like i did, just like this, and we're just going to get some lift into her hair. >> wow, look at that. >> see that lift? >> instant results-- what do you think? >> look at that. [audience applauds] >> announcer: the perfecter will truly change the way you style your
Aug 11, 2013 5:00am EDT
skate land will talk to us about the issue. >> they call came out running and screaming. >> elizabeth hail is at the pub saying if they throw a party police should sktep up their presence. >> there were cops but not enough cops to handle the crowd that was there. >> they need to have security there at the skate ramp for one. the police need to get out of their vehicles. >> federal investigators are shine ago new light on the helicopter crash that killed a father and daughter and a man. a preliminary report says the aircraft pilot was yacht certified to fly using only on board instruments. investigators say there was no indication the pilot obtained a weather briefing before taking off late last night eventually crashing into rural pennsylvania. officials at the company that own the helicopter say they think it was caught in a thunderstorm. a 50-year-old and 30-year-old were all killed in the crash. the pilot's identity has not been released. >> we are working to learn more about the condition of a man and a woman both struck by a car in baltimore county. it happened at the wal-mart al
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6